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Bài gửi by huandu on Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:58 pm

A young man was walking through a super market to pick a few things when we noticed an old lady following him around. Thinking nothing of it, he ignored her and continued on. Finally, he went to the checkout line, but she got in front of him.
"Pardon me," she said, " I'm sorry if my staring at you has made you feel uncomfortable. It's just that you look just like my son who just died recently."
"I'm very sorry," replied the young man, "Is there anything I can do for you?"
"yes," she said."As I'm leaving,can you say"goodbye mother?It would make ma feel much better".
"Sure" answered the young man. As the old woman was leaving, he called out,"Goodbye mother!"
As he stepped up to checkout counter, he saw that his total was $127.50. "How can that be?" he asked, "I only purchased a few things!"
"Your mother said that you would pay for her," said the clerk.

-Mot chang trai dang dao quanh sieu thi mua mot vai thu thi anh phat hien co mot ba lao dang theo st buoc anh.Chang chut nghi ngoi, anh phot lo va tiep tuc di. Cuoi cung, anh di den quay tinh tien, nhung ba lao ay dang o phia truoc anh.
Ba ay noi,"Xin mien thu cho ba,neu viec quan tam cua ba lam chau khong thoai mai thi cho ba xin loi. Chi co dieu chau giong het dua con trai cua ba vua moi mat".
Chang trai dap loi,"Chau rat tiec,chau co the lam dieu gi do cho ba duoc khong?"
Ba noi,"duoc chu.Khi ba sap roi khoi day,chau co the noi"Tam biet Me yeu khong?dieu do se lam ba vui suong lam."
"Duoc chu a!",chang trai tra loi.Va anh da noi to "Tam biet me nhe!"khi ba gia ay roi quay tinh tien.
Khi anh tiep buoc den quay tinh tien,anh thay hoa don tong cong toi 127,50 dola. Anh hoi,"Sao la the?toi chi mua vai mon thoi ma!"Co thu ngan dap,"Me anh bao anh se thanh toan luon cho ba ay."
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